Aligning Conversations

Most leaders are afraid of hard conversations about behavior, performance & alignment. 

With a step-by-step repeatable process, leaders can ensure their team is aligned and productive. 


Do you avoid hard conversations and put up with team issues that need attention? Have you done more harm than good by having unclear and unstructured conversations?
You are in the right place.

I have learned the secret to having hard, meaningful conversations with those we lead. It’s allowed me to help my team perform well, get results that tie directly to the success of our organization, and enjoy strong team morale. I’m convinced it’s a CRITICAL skill every leader needs to master.

Bob is always late.

Susan is disrespectful in the staff meeting again.

Jamie doesn't understand the goals.


Problems often start small but can create serious long-term consequences for your team performance and morale if you don't address them:


1. You are paying under-performers to under-perform

2. Your other team members carry extra load to compensate for the under-performer

3. Your best team members get fed up and leave

4. Your credibility as a leader is diminished for not stepping into the hard conversations conversations well


Sound familiar?


Why are we so afraid to step in and have these conversations?

Maybe it's because we tried it and it didn't go so well. Maybe the end of the conversation made us wonder who is leading who.

Or maybe because someone had one of those conversations with us in the past, and it really hurt because they didn't do it well or with compassion.

Through years of work in the trenches in both the non-profit and for-profit space, and my work as a certified leadership coach, I developed a step-by-step process I use consistently to prepare, conduct and follow-up on the most important and difficult conversations.

What Might Happen If You Did This Well?


Those you lead won't wonder what is expected of them, with clarity about what healthy performance looks like, and how to avoid drift off course.


Doing this well would mean you are developing your team, shaping them as people and not just spots on an org chart. This builds respect and loyalty. 


Aligning Conversations work because they tell employees how to win and give them a clear plan to get there. This is a great morale boost for every team.


Strong, aligned individuals make for productive teams. Aligning Conversations have the ability to transform your team productivity with clarity and respect.

How Can You Do This Well?

With the Aligning Conversations Course!

Step-By-Step Process

Use this proven 5-step process to prepare and deliver a healthy Aligning Conversation. Eliminate the guesswork and simply follow each step exactly as I coach you to, and you'll be having powerful Aligning Conversations in no time

7 Coaching Videos

These 7 coaching videos walk you through each step of preparation and delivery, and teach you how to follow up in a productive way. It's like having a personal leadership coach guide you, without the high price tag

Helpful Workbook & Editable Templates

Workshop your preparation and learn powerful tips by following along in a beautiful workbook. You'll also get printable worksheets you can use over and over again.

Included Coaching Modules

In Module 1, I'll explain why leaders don't have Aligning Conversations, and I'll give you a 15,000ft overview of our 5-step process to help you learn to do it in a healthy way, every single time.

In Module 2, I'll unpack the first (and critical) step in the process, which is to honestly celebrate the person you plan to have a conversation with. This step gives you the equity you need to speak directly to them about the issue they need help with.

In Module 3, I'll guide you step-by-step through the most difficult part of the process, which is to learn how to craft the ALIGN portion. I'll coach you through some important steps to follow to ensure you're clear and they receive it the best they can.

In Module 5, I'll walk you through crafting a powerful ENCOURAGE component to your conversation, including reminding them of their value and your belief in them.

In Module 6, I'll give you a followup process to use to ensure you monitor their process after the conversation and are able to make any mid-course adjustments you might need in order to help them win.

In Module 7, I'll help you put all of your brainstorming into practice and give you some important tips to help you actually conduct your Aligning Conversation.

Get The Aligning Conversations Course Today

Click to get a powerful, yet accessible toolkit and a course to walk you step-by-step through the process to help you have healthy Aligning Conversations, every single time.


Check out these amazing bonuses!

  • Extra printable downloadable worksheets you can use again and again (a $27 value)
  • An Aligning Conversations QuickStart worksheet to help you quickly sketch out Aligning Conversations in a pinch (a $17 value)
  • Downloadable MP3's of all 7 coaching videos so you can listen on your computer or your mobile device (a $97 value)
  • Transcripts of all 7 coaching videos for when you need a refresher on the go (a $47 value)

"Aligning Conversations is just what I needed as a leader. It helped me master the crucial skill of having the hard conversations that cultivate the necessary synergy for effective teamwork. The course is so practical and on point. It provides a clear structure for aligning conversations that takes away unknowns and makes it easy to execute. The assignments in each section helped the material become my own and left me prepared with a plan in hand that made me believe I can really do it! "

Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Director

What Happens Next
Depends On You...

Are you ready to step up your game and become the leader you were created to be? Are you ready to make an investment into yourself and your team that will pay dividends? 

Or are you willing to keep trying and striking out with a solid plan, or not doing anything at all? So many leaders notice a direct report either slightly underperforming or beginning to “drift” from the mission of the organization, and feel ill-equipped to step up and address it. The consequences of that failure to redirect can eventually wreak havoc on a team and an organization. No church leader desires that, to be sure. 

Our team has worked hard to ensure you have everything you need to have successful Aligning Conversations, every single time. We're confident it will help improve your leadership and overall job satisfaction, both for you and those you lead.

You can pick up the Aligning Conversations Toolkit and instantly have access to everything you need to get started and see a difference right away.


What Does It Cost?

Limited-Time Price (Normally $147)


7 Coaching Videos

Downloadable, Printable Workbook

Downloadable Worksheets

Aligning Conversations Manuscript Template

Aligning Conversations QuickStart Worksheet

Coaching Lesson MP3's

Coaching Lesson Transcripts


Meet Your Instructor:

Larry Boatright is a certified leadership coach and has been in a leader in the for-profit and non-profit spaces for over 20 years. 

He has coached leaders from a wide variety of spheres of influence: accountants, writers, pastors, draftsman, CEO’s, musicians, small business owners, designers, and more.

No Risk To You

We want you to love everything you buy from us. We give you 14-days, 100% risk-free. If the coaching videos, resources, and templates don’t work for you, just let us know and we’ll give you a full refund.

It's a zero-risk guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Great Question! We've done our best to break this down into simple, step-by-step instructions with easy-to-follow worksheets to help you work your way through it with ease. Once you're done, you'll transfer your brainstorming notes into a final manuscript template you can literally read from if you need to during your conversation.

Any leader can learn this quickly and get started having better Aligning Conversations the first day.

The Aligning Conversations Toolkit is a tried-and-true process that, if followed per our instructions, will equip you with the necessary tools to do a great job at this. We're confident it will work for any leader, in any context.

However, if for you any reason you feel it doesn't help you, we'll gladly refund your purchase price in full within 14 days of your purchase date. See our refund policy.

You'll get 7 lessons introducing you to the overall process, walking you through each step in the prep process, and guiding you through the actual conversation itself.


There's no need to put off having these important conversations and possibly hurting your team
and your organization.
Get the Aligning Conversations Toolkit and
you'll be an expert in no time!


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