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It's our passion to join you on your journey towards being a a healthy, impactful leader in your church or your business. We believe in the transformative power of great leadership, and work hard to equip you with practical leadership tools from a Christian perspective.

Larry Boatright

I'm a leadership coach, organizational development consultant, and content creator. I'm also a certified Leadership Coaching Specialist (LCS) ™. I love helping leaders live well-rounded lives and have a big impact for good. I've been working with leaders in both the nonprofit and the for profit worlds since 1997, and I've been coaching people and businesses for years in various ways. I've worked with clients from a wide variety of spheres of influence: accountants, writers, pastors, draftsman, CEO's, musicians, small business owners, designers, and more.

Rob Colwill

LeadBuildLive is 100% passion project for me. I believe deeply in the value of leadership and its ability to transform business, churches, and communities. Here I get the opportunity to cast my anchor, plant a flag and say that helping leaders is what I am about. I spent a decade working at Microsoft creating and innovating, leading teams to deliver software used around the world. I took that experience and founded two tech startups. These startups gave me a unique opportunity to work with leaders in Fortune 50 businesses and small businesses coaching and empowering them to improve communications, collaboration and leadership in their organizations.  I also serve in my local church as an elder, musician and teacher.


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