008 Why Leaders Need a Spiritual Director

with Eric Nevins

On the path of leadership, spiritual development and health is often overlooked and left by the wayside. 

Eric Nevins is the host of the popular Halfway There Podcast (with over 175,000 downloads) and holds a Master of Divinity degree from Denver Seminary. 

We had the chance to sit down in our studio in Denver and have a great conversation about what a spiritual director is and what they can offer to a leader.


  1. How Eric had to re-shape his understanding of what a spiritual director is (hint: its not complicated or specific to only one denomination)

  2. The difference between a spiritual director and counselor or coach 

  3. What times or situations in your life might cause you to seek a spiritual director

  4. Great ways to get connected to a spiritual director


We have created a great workbook for you to reflect on whether or not a spiritual director would be good fit for you on your life and leadership journeys.

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Eric Nevins

Eric is the host of the Halfway There podcast with stories of regular Christians in our modern world (over 200,000 downloads). He is a spiritual director and has served as a elder in his local church.



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