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Let me help you take your leadership and your organization
to the next level.

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Leadership Coaching

Have you unlocked your superpower as a leader yet? Are you bringing your best? Do you have team members that need help being all they were created to be? I can help you unlock the potential in yourself and the leaders around you.

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Organizational Development Consulting

Are your systems sustainable, poised for growth, or a hindrance? Do you need help figuring out a leadership structure that'll last a decade? I can help you tune the organization up so you can lead like never before.

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Team Development Workshops

I can facilitate a workshop centered around a variety of topics, or even administer a variety of assessments and teach your team how to leverage those powerful tools to work better together.

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I've been speaking in public for 25 years. Whether it's speaking on a topic to a large group of employees, or filling the pulpit on a Sunday morning, retreat, or more, I'd love to serve you through speaking.

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Zoom? In-Person? Phone? You got it!

Engagements can be done in person, over the phone, or through Zoom, whatever best suits your needs. Let's chat to see which works best for you.


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